Reading list: in defense of vaccines, radishes in your car, chemical-free nonsense and Einstein

Another intense week of work and other life events means that I haven’t written much new material. For now, I will share some blog entries from recent days…

This article from Skeptic North (a great website for people who just want their health care served with a dose of evidence) presents 14 tropes (literary devices) of the anti-vaccine movement, and replies to all of them, along with plenty of references.  It is a long read, but well worth it for anyone tired of the propaganda from those who think that putting children at risk of diseases is a good and smart idea.

An interesting look at radish-derived biodiesel from sinelight io, along with a general explanation of how biodiesel is made.  It appears that radish oil is a promising fuel source, although the usual problem of excessive land usage for biofuels may dampen the public’s desire for its widespread use.

Finally, two short but well-written entries: another missive about the nonsense of “chemical-free” products, and dealing with the fear of chemicals in our society; and Albert Einstein’s advice to a girl who wanted to be a scientist.

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