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I am a scientist who has always been curious and fascinated by how our universe works.  I love uncovering the mysteries and surprises of our World.  I love sharing this passion with others, and making science accessible to anyone willing to join me for the ride.

Many people have appreciated my ability to explain complex scientific ideas in simple terms, and this is a motivation behind Atoms and Numbers.  I taught chemistry in universities for several years, and I participated in the Scientists in the Schools program as a graduate student at Dalhousie University, presenting chemistry magic shows to children and teenagers from kindergarten to grade 12.  I’ve also given presentations on chemistry and forensics to high school students.  I’m even acknowledged in a cookbook, providing some morsels of information about food chemistry.  I love playing with numbers and statistics, and I hope to make that alive in Atoms and Numbers.

Wait, didn’t this site exist several years ago?

Yes it did!  The original edition of Atoms and Numbers existed at this address from 2011 to 2013.  During that time I posted over 70 entries on topics such as statistics, chemistry, demystifying WiFi and pointing out the many absurdities of homeopathy.  I enjoyed writing those posts and interacting with other scientists, writers, and scientist-writers.  However, an important life-change came in late 2013, as I moved from a home-office consulting gig, which allowed me many hours to think about this blog, to an intense weekday 9-to-5 job with a 1 1/2 hour commute each way that left me less time and desire to write for pleasure about the science stuff that I was writing about in Atoms and Numbers.

Version 2.018 of Atoms and Numbers – relaunched January 2018

I contemplated other avenues for writing, and may continue to do so.  In 2017, the blogging bug returned, and I explored how I could return to writing online, with different ideas for approaches, and content.  Do I stick to chemistry and statistics, or broaden my horizons?  Do I use a different name?  Do I keep what I already have online, or start fresh with something new?

I finally decided to relaunch Atoms and Numbers.  I cleared the webspace, implemented a new theme and decided that in January 2018, I would begin posting again.  My objective is to post every two weeks, on Fridays.  The new version of Atoms and Numbers will contain as much new material as I can create, but I will also bring back some older material, with updates and fresh insights.  I will always clarify when I am bringing back an old post.

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