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As we roll into Summer, we prepare for long days outdoors: at the beach, on the golf course, or just having a cold drink and reading a book on the backyard deck. On those Sun-drenched days, we also remember to be careful about extended exposure to the Sun, lest we suffer the immediate consequences of […]

I have just returned from a vacation mostly in places with limited Internet access, so I spent little time on Atoms and Numbers, other than moderating comments. Last week’s post on the non-existence of “water memory”, with only a few passing references to homeopathy, did result in a series of comments from a certain homeopath, […]

Improved cleaning power, with just a bit of mom’s spit

Posted February 13, 2013 By Marc Leger

I’m sure several comedians have joked that the most effective cleaning product on Earth is a mother’s spit. You may remember this – when a child has a bit of food stuck on their face, particularly in front of other people, Mom licks her thumb and instantly wipes it off. It’s like there is a […]

This post is pH-balanced for all!

Posted June 11, 2012 By Marc Leger

A Twitter follower recently brought this image to my attention.  It was found within a health-food store – this saddens me and makes me angry, because of all the misinformation that is given here, and simply accepted as fact by many people. As I looked at this picture, I realize that pH is likely the most abused […]

A few points on pH

Posted June 11, 2012 By Marc Leger

In another article, I broke down a misleading chart taken from a health-food store, that contained all kinds of mistakes about the pH of foods and waters.  In this post, I take some time to explain what pH means and how it is obtained. First, let us establish what is meant by pH – and note […]