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I concluded a recent post, discussing claims that a group of Danish schoolgirls had proven that exposure to WiFi radiation was dangerous for plants, by suggesting that they (or whoever carries this project forward) fully apply the scientific method in their future research, so that any final conclusions would leave no doubt as to which factors (exposure […]

Can we please forget about “water memory”?

Posted March 6, 2013 By Marc Leger

When I was a child, I remember reading about the water cycle, also known as the hydrologic cycle.  Water molecules in lakes and oceans evaporate into the atmosphere, return to the Earth as precipitation, and then flow back into the rivers, lakes and oceans.  Some water, of course, is used for industrial purposes, while other […]

It’s been a month since I first posted a series of mostly chemistry-related questions about homeopathy, and I still haven’t found many answers. One homeopath did provide some short answers over Twitter, which frankly did little to clarify my questions, but unfortunately, no one has addressed any of the follow-up questions that it brought up. I find this […]

After I published a follow-up post to a series of scientific questions about homeopathy, I discovered that a discussion over these questions had taken place, several days earlier, over Twitter.  In a chat with Shaun (@TheWholeT00th), homeopath Chris (@ChrisWilki) gave some answers to those 13 questions.  It’s unfortunate that the answers were not posted directly in […]

My last post, asking chemistry-related questions about homeopathy, obliterated all records in terms of readership on Atoms and Numbers. The hourly pageviews in each of the five hours after publication were higher than the highest daily pageview count on this website before then. Word of this post propagated through Twitter, with the following examples of […]