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As we roll into Summer, we prepare for long days outdoors: at the beach, on the golf course, or just having a cold drink and reading a book on the backyard deck. On those Sun-drenched days, we also remember to be careful about extended exposure to the Sun, lest we suffer the immediate consequences of […]

The problems with one data point

Posted June 12, 2013 By Marc Leger

A recent report, shared around the World, described an experiment conducted by a group of Danish girls that seems to demonstrate that WiFi radiation stunts plant growth. This report has supposedly caused quite a stir in the scientific community. I write “supposedly” because, to be honest, I have not seen much chatter over these results […]

I hadn’t reported on recent developments involving WiFi in schools in York Region. The Aurora Montessori School decided in February to remove WiFi from its premises. The York Catholic District School Board, which has a high school within walking distance of the Aurora Montessori School, has decided not to consider the removal of WiFi in […]

York Region parents push forward with WiFi concerns

Posted November 25, 2011 By Marc Leger

As our American friends enjoy Thanksgiving with turkey and extreme shopping, I spent some time this week at the library looking up articles to guide me in some proposed research.  This has inspired an article that I will publish in the next weeks.  For now, I wanted to bring an update on an article I […]

Understanding why radiation from WiFi won’t harm you

Posted November 13, 2011 By Marc Leger

A recent article in the Era-Banner describes a group of parents in York Region pulling their children from area schools due to concerns over their use of wireless internet (WiFi) networks.  This action is the culmination of a movement that has gone on since the beginning of the academic year; this group had asked the […]