Ground Rules

Atoms and Numbers serves as an outlet for me to publish writings about science, statistics, and whatever else I feel compelled to write.  I aim to publish regularly, but that always depends on my time availability.  Any suggestions for topics are welcome, but I will ultimately decide what I will write about on this site.

The golden rule is simple – I am the owner, author, moderator, and manager of this website.  I make the final decisions.

Comment Moderation Policy

You are invited to comment on stories, but all comments will be approved by me before appearing on the site.  I realize that the downside of this approach is that it interrupts the flow of comments – a potentially lively and interesting discussion between several users becomes stilted because I have to approve each message.  On the other hand, I do not want to risk an inappropriate, unethical or dangerous comment sitting on my site for many hours before I catch it.  If this site ever becomes my full-time vocation, or if other people become moderators, I’ll certainly reconsider this policy.

Please note that I live in the Eastern Time Zone in Canada, so if you post a comment while I am asleep during overnight hours, or while I am working during weekday hours, your comment may not be approved at that time.  When I can, I approve comments as quickly as possible.

Comment Content Policy

You are free to disagree with me or another commenter, and you are welcome to challenge any statements made here, but I expect reasoned and civil discussion.  Anything that could be taken as libellous will be deleted.  I reserve the right to edit your comments before approval, if I feel that something is inappropriate for publication, or needs to be edited for clarity or brevity.  (If you feel that my edits changed the substance of your comment, please send me a message and I’ll look into it.)

You are welcome to comment under a pseudonym if you choose, but you must give a valid email address (which will not be published on the site), and you must use the same pseudonym throughout the site.  (The blogging software also logs the IP address from which each comment was posted.)  If you post under a pseudonym and I know who you are in real life, I will make my very best efforts to ensure that you are not identified on my site.  However, I cannot guarantee that other people won’t identify you, either here or on another website, or even outside of the Internet.

Trolls will be banned, and I will make the final decision as to when I’ve had enough with someone.


Linking Policy

You are allowed to link to any of my articles without seeking my permission first.  You are not allowed to copy my content without crediting me and/or my website.  If you are making extensive reference to one of my articles, a link to the article would be greatly appreciated.


I reserve the right to modify these rules at any time, without advance warning.  Any changes to these rules will apply both to current users and future users.

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