In recent years, much has been made about the tight job market for scientists with PhDs.  In Canada, it is said that funding cuts to researchers and to universities in general, combined with the accelerated churning out of doctoral students, has left many science PhDs looking for work outside of academia, or out of work, period. This […]

30 minutes with Chris Hadfield

Posted November 3, 2013 By Marc Leger

Canadian astronaut Cmdr. Chris Hadfield, six months out of his recent closely-followed odyssey to the International Space Station, has written a book titled An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth – a book which is now at the top of my reading list.  He is promoting his book across North America, and this past Friday […]

Time to think about time in Newfoundland…

Posted November 2, 2013 By Marc Leger

Newfoundland is one of only two Canadian provinces that I’ve never visited, along with Saskatchewan. Among many things, Newfoundland is known for its odd time zone – Newfoundland Time is UTC-3:30 in Winter, UTC-2:30 in Summer; one-half hour ahead of Atlantic Time, and 1.5 hours ahead of Official Canadian Time (aka Eastern Time). Despite having […]

A recent article in Nature, led by Sean Crowe from the University of British Columbia, has posited that oxygen may have first appeared in significant concentrations in the atmosphere 3 billion years ago, much further back than the accepted estimates of 2.3 billion years ago.  This article has received some coverage in the mainstream media, […]

This Numbers of Atoms series will explore spectroscopy – the interaction of matter and radiated energy – as a powerful tool for qualitative and quantitative analysis.  The radiated energy involved is usually electromagnetic radiation, but it can also be radioactive nuclei or magnetic fields.  Matter interacts with this energy by absorbed or scattered it, or […]