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My top ten tips for starting a science blog

I have been publishing on Atoms and Numbers website for over two years, and I greatly enjoy this as a hobby.  If you like writing, and you are curious about or excited by the idea of writing about science for a worldwide audience, then you may have considered starting a science blog. There are many articles […]

Consider the audience when addressing chemophobia

In recent months, there has been an ongoing discussion among chemists and other scientists in social media on how to best communicate concerns and responses to those who espouse chemophobia.  Since the ScienceOnline conference in early 2013, I’ve seen a movement that is slowly maturing, as some fundamental questions are debated in this community. What are […]

Federal Government confirms changes to National Research Council mandate

The Federal government has announced sweeping changes to the National Research Council’s mandate.  Instead of the fundamental research that has been a hallmark of this organization for nearly a century, Canadian companies will now approach the NRC for scientific expertise, and to share the cost of research and development. The NRC will now focus on […]

Will Kiera Wilmot’s arrest turn kids away from science?

In late April, 16-year-old Kiera Wilmot, a now-former student at Bartow High School in Florida, was expelled from school, put in handcuffs, and taken away to the town’s Juvenile Assessment Center. Her crime? Outside the school building but within its grounds, she mixed two common household chemicals in a water bottle, causing a small explosion […]

One simple question for homeopaths: how do you verify that a homeopathic preparation has its expected potency?

It’s been a month since I first posted a series of mostly chemistry-related questions about homeopathy, and I still haven’t found many answers. One homeopath did provide some short answers over Twitter, which frankly did little to clarify my questions, but unfortunately, no one has addressed any of the follow-up questions that it brought up. I find this […]